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Our Areas of Expertise


We use our knowledge and expertise of the organization, recruitment, and the financing of terrorist groups to design effective counter-terrorism strategies and training programs for government and private-sector corporations.

Counter-Terrorist Financing

Given our expertise and understanding of the ways that terrorist entities raise, move, store, and use funds to invade the formal and informal financial systems, we devise counter-terrorist financing strategies for sovereign governments, financial institutions, and professional associations and help them ward off and combat terrorist financing threats.

Anti-Money Laundering

Terrorists and criminals alike use money laundering techniques to evade detection by law enforcement and financial intelligence bodies. We use our cadre of anti-money laundering experts to advise the private, public, and non-profit organizations to devise and execute ingenious anti-money laundering systems to counter money laundering activities, and thus help mitigate their associated reputational and customer risks.

Transportation Security

Due to terrorist and insurgent threats, rail, road, and sea transport facilities are under constant threat. We use our domain experience in the transportation sector to help corporations and governments manage these threats.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

This requires devising and executing risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies. We help clients address their risks to their critical infrastructure by providing consulting advice and designing tailor-made risk-mitigation training programs.

U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East and South Asia

U.S. Counterterrorism policies have an important intersection with U.S. national security and foreign policy in the Middle East and South Asia. Our expertise helps policymakers and corporations with key policy inputs in these areas of expertise.

U.S.-India Counterterrorism Cooperation

U.S.-India Counterterrorism Cooperation is starting to fructify, and both countries are going beyond the stage of inking bilateral cooperation initiatives to actually implement cooperation measures at the ground level. Having already contributed to the bilateral discussion at the policy level in this regard, we are now ready to devise and help both countries, their governments, and their private sectors actually enhance cooperation.

Financial Integrity of the Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific region is of great strategic importance to countries, businesses, the global supply chain, international trade, and commerce. We combine familiarity with our Anti-Money Laundering expertise to offer organizations and governments to ensure the financial integrity of this region.

Entry Strategies for U.S. firms in the Security Market in India

Several U.S. and international companies have entered or are thinking of entering the Security Market in India. Many need expertise in sizing the potential of this market. Still, others are oblivious of the risks emanating from terrorists, insurgents, and criminals. Given our knowledge and experience in India and the security market therein, we advise clients by conducting studies to size up this market potential and are accordingly coming out with innovative and cost-effective ways for our clients to enter the Indian market. This consulting assistance focuses on the geopolitical risks in the Indian market and steps that clients could take to manage this risk.