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Our Services


We offer consulting services in international security both at the macro level through security threat and risk analysis to sovereign governments as well at the organizational level to financial institutions, corporations, and government departments, etc. Our consulting services encompass a clear-cut identification of client needs and the design of unique and customized solutions to address those needs.

Training and Curriculum Development

We offer customized training solutions that address the specific needs of our clients in the security space—law enforcement, military, paramilitary, diplomats, judiciary, etc. We deploy state of the art training modules and simulation techniques.

Research and Analysis

We offer research and analysis services to governments, private corporations, and think tanks. Typical outputs include reports, presentations, expert testimonies before legislative bodies, working papers, thought pieces, etc.

Our Clients of Interest

  • Sovereign Governments—Federal, State, and Local
  • Corporations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Research Institutions
  • Trade and Professional Associations
  • International Organizations
  • Security Firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Think Tanks
  • Media