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Advanced Security Development for Businesses & Organizations

Prepare yourself for the global market with business and security development by AAA International Security Consultants LLC. We are based in McLean, Virginia. We serve a wide range of clients, including:

Corporations - Practitioners - Policy Makers - Sovereign Governments - Research Institutes - Trade & Professional Associations - International Organizations - Security Firms - Financial Institutions - Educational Institutions - Think Tanks - Media Outlets


Providing Cost-Effective Solutions for:

Counter-Terrorism | Counter-Terrorist Financing | Anti-Money Laundering | Transportation Security | Critical Infrastructure Protection | Cyber Security | US/India Counter-Terrorism Cooperation | Financial Integrity of the Asia-Pacific Region

Market Potential Assessments

We combine policy expertise with the practitioner's focus in order to develop strategies for US firms looking to enter the security market in India. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the security landscape in both India and the US.

Training & Development

Our staff performs a systematic needs analysis to customize your training curriculum specifically for your company or organization. Call to schedule an assessment today.


Backed by more than 20 years of industry experience, we carefully research every possible angle to provide you with clearer answers and better solutions. All research work is customized to meet your specific needs.